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Estate planning isn’t just making a Will.  It’s planning for your future needs when you can no longer manage them yourself, and involves many facets of law and consideration.

A legal Will Kit from a mass production company won’t take into account your individual circumstances and won’t give you protection in all aspects of your future needs.  You need the expertise of a Lawyer with experience and knowledge of the law.

No matter what stage of life you are at, it makes sense to have a proper Will in place.  You should also consider an Enduring Power of Attorney and possibly an Advance Health Directive.

If you plan to downsize, travel and spend some time overseas, or you simply want to make sure your family aren’t left with a complicated legal process to finalise your Estate, you should speak to the team at Griffiths Lawyers.

We can help you sell your home and provide important purchase contract advice on retirement, aged care and lifestyle living alternatives.  You should make sure whatever lifestyle accommodation you are considering is appropriate for you now and into the future, and that you can afford to take care of yourself through the later years of your life.

We also provide advice on Estates Administration and litigation, conveyancing (buying and selling homes, commercial property or businesses), family law, litigation, property development, body corporate and strata titling.

Before you take off on your trip or decide to sell and downsize, talk to the Griffiths Lawyers team.

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