Power Curve Performance (OA213)


Local family-run company Power Curve Performance serves the community.

Their layout takes into account the requirements of the Sunshine Coast neighbourhood. Like you, they enjoy spending time off-road, at the beach, and on the road in their caravans. The best local places, like Cobb and Co. or Boloumba Creek, are where they spend their weekends. When they go as a family, they tow the van to Cairns or another stunning location in Australia. Their enthusiasm for this journey has led to the development of Power Curve Performance. Because everyone on their team upholds these ideals, they get the honour of giving people like you the touring vehicle of your dreams. You can get everything from Power Curve Performance.

Everything about this performance is excellent. A Lovell’s suspension kit for your camper, a GVM or pleasant ride suspension improvement for your car, or even a set of airbags. The staff can handle enhanced radiators, intercoolers, exhausts, snorkels, transmission coolers, and lockup converter kits to keep things reliable and cool. Consider asking about the log book servicing or aftermarket fuel filters and catch cans if you feel like your engine needs some TLC. Try an ECU Tune or Idrive if you’re getting passed or have lost faith in the performance of your engine when overtaking or merging. Vehicle protection, air compressors, bull bars, you name it, they do it.


What makes the small family business different from the competition and why should we be chosen above the others? On the Sunshine Coast, Patrick and Emma, a husband and wife team, appreciate the referral business. They value it because it shows that someone else has accomplished a goal and is taking pleasure in using their vehicle in the same way they do. Making customers content enough to refer them is the only way to get a foot in the door. Performance and one-stop shopping are extremely important to this squad. Power Curve cuts open and inspects each oil filter that is changed during service; the client’s needs come first. These guys recommend from experience, real-life experience, practice what you preach and live the lifestyle.

Pop by and say hello to Pat, Shane and Emma at site OA213.