4WD Adventures & Training Australia

4WD Adventures & Training Australian

Show Times: 10:00am, 12:00pm & 2:00pm

4WD Adventures & Training Australia is owned and operated by Michael Boyle.

About Michael Boyle

Michael has many years of experience in training, four-wheel driving, camping, etc all over Australia. It is what he loves to do! Next to that he enjoys helping other people to get out and see Australia, 4WD Adventure style.

The 4WD Adventures & Training Australia team will be on-site at the 2023 Nambour Expo. Sharing their knowledge and skills to help you gain the confidence to explore the many wonders that this country has to offer with their massive 4×4 outdoor obstacle course.

They’ll give you all the necessary tips and tricks for controlling your vehicle on different terrains, using safety gear and getting your vehicle out of the most precarious positions.