Austrack Campers

Austrack Campers is a leading Australian-based company that has been a part of the camping community for over 17 years. They specialise in manufacturing and selling rugged and reliable camper trailers, hybrid campers, and other outdoor equipment, catering to a wide range of camping enthusiasts, from families and friends to solo adventurers.

Austrack Campers are known for our dedication to creating products that not only withstand the diverse and challenging Australian terrain but also provide comfort and luxury, making our products suitable for various landscapes from coastal roads to the outback.

From their modest beginnings in Hervey Bay, Queensland, we have evolved significantly. Austrack Campers now have extensive manufacturing facilities and showrooms in multiple states (Queensland, Western Australia (Perth), South Australia (Adelaide), indicating their growth, popularity, and success in the camping community.

They are recognised for bringing innovative ideas to the market, such as adopting lithium batteries ‘as standard’ and integrating benchtop wireless phone chargers in our campers.

Austrack Campers pride themselves on being a part of the Australian camping community, where they have established a reputation for producing premium quality campers, representing a combination of quality, innovation, and have a deep understanding of the needs of the camping community.

Overall, they are a trusted and respected name in the Australian leisure and lifestyle industry and are ready to help you hit the open road to discover the best of what Australia has to offer.

See some of their camper trailer range in person at the Nambour Expo, site OS128.