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OptiVAN: Optimal protection for Caravans, Campers, RV’s & Motorhomes is an all-new genesis of Caravan Specific Ceramic Surface Protection, brought to you by Australia’s premier protection company, who works with some of the most recognised manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz Australia, Porsche Australia, Mitsubishi Australia, Honda Australia, and Mazda Australia.

WIN a MW Manufacturing Long Weekender package

Win a MW Long-
Weekender includes: one (1) Double D Camping Drawer Slide-Black (small size), one (1) Canopy Pantry (300mm
Wide) Canopy Drawer, one (1) Canopy Suspended Shelf, one (1) Long-Weekender Canopy Power Package 12v
Electrical Dual Ba􀆩ery System comes with Enerdrive 100Ah Smart Ba􀆩ery (Lithium Ba􀆩ery). Total prize valued at