RACQ On & Off-Road Safety Presentations

Introducing the RACQ On and Off-Road Safety Presentations!

Daily Show Times: 10:00am, 12:00pm & 2:00pm

Join the team for an informative and engaging series of talks, designed to equip you with essential knowledge for a safe and enjoyable journey. With three talks held daily, RACQ will cover a range of topics to ensure you’re prepared and confident on the road.

Caravan Preparation – Weights and Legalities

Are you planning a caravan adventure? Join the experts as they delve into the crucial aspects of caravan preparation. Learn about weight distribution, legal requirements, and how to ensure your caravan is roadworthy. Discover valuable tips to enhance your towing experience and make your trip a breeze.

4WD Preparation and Recovery Gear

If off-roading is your passion, don’t miss the 4WD Preparation talk. Explore the world of recovery gear and essential equipment for tackling challenging terrain. Our knowledgeable presenters will guide you through the must-haves for a safe and successful off-road journey. Gain insights into recovery techniques, vehicle modifications, and the tools that can save the day when things get tough.

Getting There Safely – Sharing the Road

Safety is everyone’s responsibility on the road. In this talk, the team will emphasise the importance of sharing the road with others. Discover effective strategies for defensive driving, understanding road rules, and promoting courteous behaviour. Learn how to navigate tricky situations, handle distractions, and contribute to a harmonious driving environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to on and off-road travels, the RACQ On and Off-Road Safety Presentations offer invaluable insights for all motorists.