Time for a skin check!

SunLife is your dedicated skin cancer care centre on the Sunshine Coast. Located on Wises Road Buderim/Maroochydore, SunLife provides high quality skin cancer services in modern facilities.

The doctors and team from SunLife are at the Nambour Expo to share their passion for skin cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.  

Visit SunLife at Site OS167 to learn more about what we do:

  • Skin cancer checks
  • Skin cancer prevention
  • Skin cancer treatment (surgical/non-surgical)
  • Sun damaged skin treatment
  • 3D Total Body Photography*
  • NO referral needed

* See our 3D DEMO at the Expo *

The most advanced monitoring option for the high risk and high mole count patients


Finding skin cancer early

Here on the Sunshine Coast we have some of the highest rates of melanoma and skin cancer in the world.

Finding skin cancer early is essential. When detected late it is more likely to cause you harm and be harder to treat.

Here are our top tips for spotting skin cancer early:

Step 1, Self-Check

Look for anything Sore, Changing, Abnormal, or New that doesn’t go away after 4-6 weeks.

Step 2, Skin Check

Get a thorough skin check with an experienced skin cancer doctor at SunLife.

A personal risk assessment and ongoing care plan at your check will let you know how often to do this.

Step 3, Imaging

3D Total Body Photography is an amazing new tool to help identify possible melanoma earlier. Ideal for those at higher risk (e.g. many moles, complex moles, previous melanoma, or close family history).

At SunLife, we are passionate about finding skin cancer, getting it treated, and keeping you safe. 

Book your skin check online at www.sunlifeskincancercare.com.au  

Visit Site OS167, or call 07 54509808 for spot checks, 3D Total Body Photography, and enquiries. NO REFERRAL NEEDED.